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μCollaFibR™ Additive for Bioinks and Hydrogels

μCollaFibR™ Additive for Bioinks and Hydrogels

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*The recommended concentration is 2.5mg\mL

μCollaFibR™ Additives for Bioinks and Hydrogels – 3D Bioprinting is a promising approach for personalized tissue engineering, but the lack of mechanical durability and biological relevance of bioprinted constructs has limited their clinical viability. 3DBioFibR’s patented dry-spinning technology produces μCollaFibR™; 50 μm collagen fibers that increase the shape fidelity and biological relevance of bioprinted constructs. With excellent chemical stability and 1-2 μm diameters, μCollaFibR™ is universally compatible with bioprinting materials and modalities.

  • Produced using GMP type I collagen, and resembles the structure of natural collagen fibers
  • Can be resuspended in any aqueous environment, including acidic environments (pH≥2)
  • Increases mechanical strength and modulus of hydrogels in extension and compression
  • Improves shape retention/durability for at least 28 days in cellular constructs
  • Acts as a physiologically relevant site for cell attachment within the constructs, improving cellular viability and functionality
  • Improves shape fidelity without compromising bioink viscosity/printability

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